• The Eternal Word
  • The Forbidden Tree
  • The Unveiling of YHVH
  • The Laboring Sun
  • On the Nature of Priesthood
  • The Kingdom of God


  • ´╗┐Revelation, Part I: God the Father and Creation

    • Revelation, Part II: Scripture and Tradition
    • The Creed
    • The Cross and the Paschal Mystery
    • Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory
    • The Communion of Saints
    • The Blessed Virgin Mary
    • The Kingdom of God and the Parables


    • The Word Made Flesh: A Scriptural and Eucharistic Journey (music used in the play is shown in the videos below)

    Other Manuscripts and Videos

    • The Mystical Body: Meditations on the Acts of the Apostles and the Books of Maccabees (available through Kindle Books)
    • The Ark of the Covenant Video Series (available at Gloria TV)

    Author's Note: These essays all pre-date "Born From Above," in most cases by ten years or more. They are an early record of some of the ideas expressed more fully and maturely in my books. An edited version of "On the Nature of Priesthood" was published in Catholic Answers (January, 1988) under the title "Background on the Priesthood."


    Author's Note: The video to the left was intended to follow immediately after the presentation contained in the above PDF file. Some accompanying music segments have been deleted to avoid copyright infringement, while other derivative material has been retained for "fair use," with appropriate acknowledgment at the end of the video.